Papercraft4 3D Mac

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"Only 4 photos & Your dream is in Your hands"

Papercraft4 3D + ordinary printer = 3D printer.

Papercraft4 3D — convert 4 photos directly into textured 3D model (.obj format), textured "paper model" prints or IGES format (NURBS surfaces) for use in CAD/CAM CNC and 3D printer.

Paper models, also called card models, "pepakura" or papercraft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper, paperboard, card stock, or foam.

1. Name and save project in text file.
2. Load 4 photos: top, front, right, rear.

Photo loading interface of Papercraft4 3D

3. Set base point 0 (red) in each of 4 photos.

Base point (0) in Papercraft4 3D

4. Set points 1-7 (red) - each must be at least in 3 of 4 photos - 123, 124 or 134 (in each photo must be >5 points)
5. Click calibrate cameras - if calibration not ok! (is >50) try checking & adjusting points or adding points 8-13 (red).

Calibration interface showing 'ok' result in Papercraft4 3D

6. If your model is symmetrical, set symmetry line with 498, 499 (red) points in 124 photos.

Symmetry line on a car in Papercraft4 3D

7. Set points 14 (red), 15, 16... (each must be at least in 2 of 4 photos).
8. Set edges of parts by typing text in the blue pad:
k2s3/7/15 - triangle of points 3, 7, 15 cut from 2 photo (points must be typed in clockwise direction).
k102s3/7/15 - symmetrycal part.
k202s3/7/15 - both original & symmetrycal parts.
k-2s3/7/15 - original part cut from symmetrical side of photo.
k2s3/501/502/7/15 - part with cubic spline (control point 1 = 501 control point 2 = 502) 502 = point 2 (blue), 607 = point 107 (blue).
s4/6 - merging two parts, containing points 4 and 6, in one.

Part edges text editor showing car headlight in Papercraft4 3D

k2c1/2/3 - circle with centre in point 1, radius #1 in point 2, radius #2 in point 3 cut from 2 photo
k2c1/2/3/4/5 - ring sequential to circle with centre in point 4, radius #1 in point 5 (point 4 can be in one picture)
k2c1/2/3/4/5/6/7 - ring sequential to ring sequential to circle with centre in point 6, radius #1 in point 7 (point 6 can be in one picture)

Part edges text editor showing car wheel in Papercraft4 3D

9. After typing, click save k & s.
10. Click .jpg or .svg to save for printing model parts or click .obj to save .mtl and .obj files (textures for model same as source 4 photos). Click .igs to save in IGES format (NURBS surfaces) for use in CAD/CAM CNC and 3D printer.

Resulting paper model prints example made using Papercraft4 3D

One part can include max. 100 points (21 for circle).
One model can include max. 500 parts.
If you see [x][x] or [x][x][x] in point info pad you can try auto align x or y position of point (in some cases it may be helpful).
Size of photos can be from 100x100 to 7000x7000, but scale of photos 2, 3, 4 to photo 1 must be (x0.1 .. x1.9).
Exported .jpeg files is 2480 x 3508 pixels (max 9933 x 14043). If you have set 491 and 492 points you can change size of model (2500 can be from 1000 to 5000).